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Advantage Of Cantilever Racking
Jun 06, 2018

The outstretched cantilever has the characteristics of stable structure, good load capacity, convenient management, wide view and so on. It is suitable for storage of long, plate or annular materials. The cantilever shelf can be divided into light cantilever shelf, medium cantilever shelf and heavy cantilever shelf according to the load. According to storage surface can be divided into one-way cantilever shelf, two-way cantilever shelf. The cantilever shelf adopts the special profile column, the design backpull increases the stable type, the high strength cantilever (the cantilever may be one or two sides), the cantilever shelf has the structure light, the load capacity is good, the space utilization ratio is high and so on. Cantilever shelf added shelf, easy to manage, wide view, especially suitable for small space, low height warehouse. The cantilever shelf is more efficient than the ordinary shelf. According to the bearing capacity, it can be divided into three types: light weight type, medium weight type and weight type, suitable for long material, plate, annular material and irregular goods storage.

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