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Effective Rust Removal Method For Storage Shelf
Jun 12, 2018

Generally speaking, everything will have some chemical or physical changes over time, such as storage shelves, especially steel shelves will rust after a long period of time. Rust is a phenomenon caused by iron and steel oxidation and belongs to a chemical reaction, which can seriously damage the shelf interior. Therefore, for the sake of shelf safety, it is also very important to take necessary rust measures.

1. The impact of high pressure water jet (combined with grinding of abrasive) and water prying are used to destroy rust and adhesion of coating to shelf steel plate. Its characteristics are no dust pollution, no damage to shelf steel plate, greatly improve the efficiency of rust removal, up to 15m2/h, good rust removal quality. However, the shelf steel plate after rust removal is easy to rust, and must be coated with a special wet rust removal coating, which has a great influence on the coating of general performance coatings.

2. Scrub the rusty parts with hydrochloric acid, wash the rust off and then paint it. It is important not to soak the rusty Dongguan shelves in dilute hydrochloric acid for too long, otherwise, after finishing the surface rust of the Dongguan shelves, the substances inside will also react by the way.

3. Chemical rust removal is a method of removing rust products from the metal surface of shelf material by chemical reaction between acid and metal oxide, that is, acid washing and rust removal, which can only be operated in the workshop.

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