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Analysis On The Choice Concept Of Warehouse Shelf
May 16, 2018

With the continuous development of the shelf industry, there are many kinds of shelves today. Besides many applications in the warehouse, the demand for shelves in supermarkets is also very large. In general, the shelves used in large shopping squares have backboard shelves, backscreen shelves and so on, and the shelves can be connected to each other on one side and the other, and the layers can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size of the goods, so as to make the supermarket layout more perfect. Many merchants will give priority to the wholesale market of shelves in Shenzhen when buying shelves, because quotation is a very important factor, but also consider the appearance and practicability, as long as the appropriate supermarket shelves are the most important. 

Nowadays, there are many factories that make storehouse shelves. When customers buy goods, it is inevitable that they will make comparisons to the goods in different factories. Generally speaking, they are comparing strength, quality, service quotation, etc.,the standard shelf planning should also pay attention.

Scientific and reasonable shelf planning can save customers money, improve the utilization of space, and effectively handle the warehouse. First of all, to fit the storage requirements of the goods, the requirements of the goods to understand all aspects, including shape, size, components, whether the demand board and other data. Then we also need to have a comprehensive understanding of the warehouse structure and related equipment,including the warehouse structure, the storeroom area, the warehouse type, the storehouse passageways, the total height of the warehouse useful, the storehouse column, the storeroom ground, the storehouse fire fighting facilities, and so on. 

There are also a number of transport equipment requirements for the length of space should be considered. Customers are generally in the determination of the warehouse after the purchase of shelves, warehouse space has been fixed, to reduce the cost of storage shelves, performance of the greatest economic benefits, how to make the shelf standards fit this principle is the most important.


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