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Are The Unmanned Shelve In Your Office Still There?
Jun 05, 2018

What is the hottest office in 2017? Unmanned shelves! Uninhabited shelves often engage in activities, a few cents can buy a pack of snacks to appease. Often saw on the shelf food is snapped up, the fire does not want ah! Since 2018, however, unmanned shelves seem to be cooling off. Office shelves are no longer replenished, unattended shelves begin to withdraw frequently. Once a rainbow of man-less shelves, now a total failure. Why does the tuyere of the unmanned shelf disappear so quickly? 

1, the threshold is low, the commodity is homogenized Compared with other new retail items, there is almost no threshold for unmanned shelves, spending hundreds of dollars on one shelf and placing the goods on the shelf. And the merchandise? Uniform fast elimination, and shelf space is limited, food options are not high, plus the point is more scattered, replenishment delay is common. 

2.High rate of damage, lag of service, low quality and quantity of positioning Far greater than expected theft rate is also a fatal pain point of unmanned shelves. Shelf "nobody", decided that commodity trading depends on user consciousness, which is a great test of human nature. Shelf merchants generally estimate the loss, theft loss rate in 5-10, actually reached 30-50, 1/3 of the goods were taken away without payment. 

3. Immature operating and profit models The vast majority of unmanned shelves are still unable to achieve revenue balance. The emergence of negative news exposes that some companies expand too fast in the early stage, and it is difficult to consolidate the existing market share, which indicates that the companies have not yet explored a mature operating, profit model. 

What is the future direction of new retail after unattended shelves? 

Direction 1: the opportunity to improve the efficiency of the industry. Although the unmanned shelf can improve the efficiency of user and commodity docking by sinking the channel, but because of the limitation of the unmanned shelf itself, it can only improve the efficiency of the industry one-sidedly. 

Direction 2: the opportunity to optimize the user experience. Another tuyere in the new retail era is to optimize the user experience. In the new retail age, we are able to innovate and develop new experiences to capture new opportunities in the new retail era. 

Direction 3: opportunities to create new supply chains. In the new retailing era, by creating a diversified supply chain system, the efficiency of the industry can be improved and the development opportunities of the industry can be found. 

The fall of the unattended shelves provides us with a new perspective on new retailing, which is a rich concept. As the new retail concept gradually hits the ground in the future, we may be able to find more new development opportunities and directions. To open the post-Internet era of a new situation!

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