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At Present, China's pharmaceutical market is facing six major problems
Jun 19, 2018

1. The management of scale meets the bottleneck of logistics. In recent years, there is a very common information, many pharmaceutical companies have good business situation, but the logistics efficiency is low, the error rate is high, the support for the business is not enough, resulting in the overall business scale is hindered.

2. Business information l pharmaceutical evel is low. The information isolated island is more, or presents the chain structure, generally only connects with the ERP system, the information network chain is single.

3. Logistics automation is low. In addition to the use of automated stereoscopic libraries in large enterprises, other automation equipment and systems are less.

4. State policy affects business patterns. As one of the national key monitoring objects, the strict regulation of medicine policy will affect the business form of enterprises and the operation mode of logistics center.

5. The rapid development of the Internet is gradually changing the original supply chain pattern of pharmaceutical logistics. JingDong, Ali and other Internet giants are converging across borders, with traditional established companies using the Internet to increase their influence and market share, and some large companies moving into the pharmaceutical sector. This will inevitably lead to a large number of mergers and acquisitions, market competition is becoming more and more fierce, high efficiency, low-cost logistics center will become the core competitiveness of pharmaceutical enterprises.

 6. Third-party medical logistics is rising, but domestic professional medical three-party logistics providers are very few. This kind of medicine market present situation to the enterprise logistics informationization and the intelligence level has proposed the higher request. The author is engaged in the logistics industry for more than ten years, has been responsible for technology research and development, system implementation and after-sales operation maintenance and management, and has some experience and views on the informationization and intelligent development and transformation of the medical logistics center. As far as the whole Chinese pharmaceutical logistics supply chain market is concerned, it is the future development trend for enterprise logistics to realize the transition from manpower to information. The enterprises that do not improve the level of logistics information and operation management, most of them are still engaged in internal business integration, there is no clear combing and understanding of the business process, in the process of optimization stage; The pharmaceutical logistics project, which is about to be reformed, is still staying at the stage of integration of the business of purchase, sale and storage within the enterprise and the optimization of the process. 

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