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Classification Of Drawer Racking
Jun 14, 2018

Drawer-racking is divided into: 

1 standard half-drawing die frame, standard full-drawing die frame 2. With the sky car, the crane is divided into three-angle crane and I-steel crane 3. Heavy; heavy. Full open; 5. Skateboard style; 6. Extension type

The standard is a main second and four-layer standard drawer-type mould rack, the standard is L900 / W600 / H20001. each drawer board can bear 800-5000KG _ 2, triangular crane (driving) bearing 800-1000KG, I-steel crane 2000-3000KG _ 3, drawer board can be fully drawn out, and 90% is recommended. You can only smoke half if you smoke half, but it is generally recommended that you smoke 1/3. 4, safe and reliable additional safety device. Three layer safety device, one layer safety pin, one layer expansion screw, 5, the light operation uses the bearing combination, the sliding balance and the independent hanging die device 6, saves the space, occupies an area of 1.8 square meters, Can store dozens of small and medium-sized mold 7, the structure is simple, from a variety of assembly components from the assembly, easy to disassemble, transport and assembly.

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