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Concise and effective structure
Oct 17, 2017

Heavy-duty shelves, also commonly known as beam-type shelves, or the shelf-type shelves, belong to the pallet category, in the domestic various storage shelves system is the most common form of shelves. The structure is concise and effective in the form of column piece + Crossbeam. According to the characteristics of storage unit assembly equipment, such as: Stall, steel plate (wood plate), metal screen layer, storage cage guide, oil bucket rack and other functional accessories, can meet the different units of the form of cargo storage equipment. Heavy-duty shelves are the most commonly used shelves, with each layer bearing more than 500Kg of the name. It has good picking efficiency, can store heavier items, but the storage density is low. Heavy-duty shelves also called pallet-type shelves, with a large, highly adaptable range, mechanical access, selection of high efficiency characteristics, but the general utilization of space. Widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers, and other fields, not only applicable to a variety of small batches of goods, but also suitable for small varieties of large quantities of goods. Such shelves are used most in high warehouses and in high warehouses (the shelves in automated warehouse shelves are mostly used).


1, the whole assembly-type structure, random combination, installation, disassembly convenient and flexible.

2, the column by the hot-rolled plate folded from a number of angles, so the shelf load-bearing capacity.

3, the column for the assembly-type structure, the beam and column between the use of steel buckle card inserted connection, and set to secure key lock to prevent falling off.

4, the column is equipped with every 75mm adjustment hole distance, can be adjusted according to the height of the goods.

5, suitable for the storage of material piled high, can make full use of the space position of warehouse to achieve the purpose of material classification management, can be used with forklift or stacker.


Heavy-duty shelf cost is low, safe and reliable, assembly, disassembly simple and convenient features; applicable to manual access, each layer of the standard effective load 800kg above. Suitable for manual access box-type goods, or with parts boxes, turnover boxes supporting the loading of scattered heavy cargo.

Often used in the field of logistics industry, warehousing and so on.

Analysis of the composition of heavy duty shelves:

1, the general choice of material for the shelves of cold-rolled steel profiles, the best is GB, but with the national standard manufacturers very few (mainly the price problem), the simplest way is in accordance with the two sides agreed to load-bearing to an experiment on the line.

2, the shelf surface treatment, the shelf surface spraying treatment to be uniform and have strong adhesion, the surface spraying on the shelves to see whether or not the inner edge of the shelves of the column is not missing a good, inspection can be used with hard objects such as easy to fall off the shelves are very easy to rust.

3, rack column to see whether the bending of the cross-section is more uniform, the shelf about more evenly symmetrical structure of the better. The crossbeam of the shelf should look at the structure of the cross beam and the form of the beam hanging to the column: The hook of the crossbeam should be more good, the more the force about.

4, the welding process, must look at the uniform full of welded joints (the best fish scales), no indirect, no leakage welding on the line.

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