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Differences Between Domestic And Foreign Shelves
Jun 06, 2018

Storage shelf is a kind of storage equipment, which can not only solve the problem of goods storage, but also make full use of space and improve storage efficiency, so storage shelf is the welfare of warehouse demanders. With the overall recovery of China's economy, more and more products have gone out of the country to the world, of course, there are storage shelves among these products.

Structural planning is different in the United States. In the United States, there are more welding conditions for the whole column piece in the freight frame factory. Although this will lead to the increase of transportation costs, on the other hand, the column sheet does not need to be assembled on the spot, and it also saves a lot of manpower costs. Another difference in column planning is that Americans are mostly practical and don't think too much about beauty, when shelves carry a lot of weight. In the United States, plant planners will weld a pillar or rectangular tube to the bottom of the largest column to add strength. In our country, such a situation is usually not acceptable to customers, because it is so not beautiful, we like the whole column up and down the same. The pursuit of beautiful results is a waste of a lot of steel, the top of the shelf would not need such a large section, because the top column bearing type is very small. 

Shelf exterior treatment is different in our country. Almost all shelf surfaces are made by electrostatic spraying. In some companies in the United States, they use the appearance treatment of baking lacquer. 

The degree of standardization is high in the United States and Canada. Almost all shelf holes are compatible, which greatly facilitates the use of customers and the purchase of accessories, which means that almost all accessories can be used. The storage shelf manufacturers are numerous, many companies have different pass, can not match, in the warehouse, it seems that our pass is the same, but the fine difference still exists, the pass-through function still needs to be improved.

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