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Drive In Rack
Mar 08, 2018

Drive in racking is one of the intensive storage racking.

The  main supporting is post , lateral brace and inclined brace.

The depth way ‘s main supporting is bracket and bracket beam .

corbels beam’s Effect :place pallet and cargo , cooperate with the top rack pull rod ,Strengthen the connection between the racks


1.Bracket: OTS ‘s special one-time stamping cross, high strength, good aesthetics.

2.Bracket beam: OTS’s  special tie sloping ribs type and have a high carrying capacity.

3.Cargo storage ways: first -in -last- out , or first- in- first- out

4. Advantages: space utilization up to 80%

5.The truck traveling directly in the channel between the corbel beams to cargo access.

6.Suitable for small varieties and large quantity cargo storage

7.Applicable industries: dairy industry, beverage industry, food, household appliances, cold storage, tobacco, etc.

8.The size of rack can be customized

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