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Drive In Racking Daily Maintenance
Jun 12, 2018

1)Clean and timely discover that the shelf can replace the safe and stable shelf parts in time by the mechanical deformation of the product caused by the external force collision, and in line with the first principle of safety, timely discover the hidden danger of safety in the process of cleaning and deal with it in a timely manner, Ensure safe and efficient storage.

2) The professional horizontal stereo positioning tool is used to accurately record the shelf condition, and then effectively correct, ensure the carrying capacity and safety of the shelf.

3)  Strict implementation of safe use rules, unlimited load, over-line bit, over-storage density, to ensure the security performance of stored procedures.

4) The maintenance cycle is one year.

5) Maintenance content: fastener determination, vertical column determination, damaged parts determination and other routine content. If there is a column bending (broken) need to be measured as a whole. System maintenance based on measured data.



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