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Easy access, easy to count and measure
Oct 17, 2017

The function and function of the shelf are as follows:

(a) The shelf is a rack-type structure. Can make full use of warehouse space utilization, expand warehouse storage capacity.

(b), small-shelf cargo, easy access, easy to inventory and metering.

(c) To ensure the quality of stored goods, we can take measures such as moistureproof, dustproof and bad to improve the quality of material storage.

(iv), the structure and function of the shelves are conducive to the mechanization and automation of warehouse management.

Shelves in the total investment in warehousing equipment accounted for a large proportion of steel, most of the warehouse operation mode of great impact. Therefore, it is very important to choose the shelves of relative design economy. In order to ensure the strength of the shelves, stiffness and overall stability of the conditions, as far as possible to reduce the weight of the shelf, reduce the consumption of steel, reduce the shelf to the warehouse and pressure capacity requirements to meet the warehousing needs.

There are many kinds of shelves, and the methods of classification are not very different. According to the shelf production process classification, can be divided into welded shelves and modular shelves, etc., according to the classification of the shelf movement, can be divided into fixed shelves, mobile shelves and rotating shelves; the structure of the relationship between pulling shelves and buildings can be divided into the whole structure of shelves (storehouse-type) and the separation of structural type shelves According to the type classification of goods storage units, can be divided into pallet shelves and container shelves; According to structural characteristics can be divided into layers, shelves, drawer racks, cantilever racks, etc.

How can warehouse shelves improve the efficiency of storage?

1, the time to check the data (because each individual to query, time-consuming)

2. Check the slow moving list for one year (analyze the cause of slow motion)

3. Coordinate plan balance monthly head, middle and not quantity (easy to adjust staff)

4, the establishment of incoming and outgoing materials on-site visual Kanban, timely emergence of abnormal problems

Storage shelves are mainly different from supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves in addition to the storage function, another important function is to show the role. Its height is usually based on human height, so most supermarket shelves are more focused on the structure of 3 meters below the design.

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