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Easy disassembly, safe and reliable
Oct 17, 2017

When the size of the injection shop or mold shop is enlarged, the problem often encountered is that the more the number of molds is piled up, resulting in more and more inefficient tooling access. Tooling usually requires a joint or multiple outsourcing process to complete the final product, therefore, the need for frequent storage and warehousing operations, and the storage of random stacking and settlement is not timely, will cause the difficulty of searching the library, using St heavy-duty mold frame and drawer-type mold frame, combined with the Frid composed of automatic mold library, Can quickly and timely find their own needs of the mold, improve the efficiency of the operation.

Drawer-style shelves are often called mold racks, mainly for the placement of various types of plastic molds, metal molds, die-casting molds, powder metallurgy molds, extrusion molds. According to its structure can be divided into: standard type, with day model, heavy, full open type, skateboard type, extension of the type.

Drawer-type shelf structure is simple, easy to disassemble, safe and reliable, die-plate pumping board after the easy pumping, the upper and lower intervals to adjust freely, with the pulley and manual hoist can easily and quickly complete the access work.

Note: We through the actual use of customer demand for customized product solutions, so from the product specifications, there is no standard products, users can be stored according to the quality of goods, specifications, storage environment, access density, etc., by the God Horse Team to provide product solutions.

Mold Plus is now the mold manufacturing plant and plastic products factory indispensable as a tool, many customers are blind operation, no scruples to security. Now we're going to show you how to safely use the mold holder.

First of all, can not exceed the bearing weight of the mold frame: Village anti-mold rack is, need to understand the weight of each drawer panel, each piece of the drawer board of the mold weights should be less than or equal to the design weight. Without a mold, the weight of the mould is generally indicated, and if it is estimated, it is generally a long x-width X-X7.85 is equal to the approximate weight of the mould. Mold management personnel to have a clear understanding of this, overweight not only affect the use of mold shelves, but also threaten the safety of users.

Second, the empty mold shelf on the die, the need to choose the middle of the bottom of the mold shelf to start storage, from the lower to the above-tier storage, emptying the mold, the best choice from top to bottom, from both sides to the middle unloading mode. When the mould frame is carried with the crane, it is strictly prohibited. Need to use the mold truck or tractor to move to the bottom of the handle gourd, mold in the handle hoist straight state, will die lifting the drawer panel of 3-5 cm thick, drawer plate pulled out, put the mold on the board surface, take off the rings, the next red ball, the drawer panel. The use of the crane oblique mold situation We often encounter, every time we will tell them can not be used so that the use of a good can save a bit of strength, not only the use of the mold rack has an impact on the cage, but also not safe for itself.

Finally, is also the most important, the basic original mode of mold unloading is a plate pulled out, the board must first be back, and then pulled out another plate, is strictly prohibited to pull a few drawer panels at the same time, this is the most common tool in the process of use, is the most agreed to make mistakes.

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