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Easy to operate and maintain, intelligent control system
Oct 17, 2017

Automated warehouse system is a new generation of automated storage equipment, pallets as storage units,

Through the lifting movement of the extractor, the pallet of the storage is taken out to the operator or to the library.

Fit in the box. During the delivery of the goods, through the entrance automatic height measurement device, the detection of stored items

The height of the material in order to quickly store the best location in the library, automatic, reasonable arrangements in the library

Effective storage space.

The automated warehouse system mainly includes the following points:

(1) Control system: System software, hardware functions, user interface clear, easy to operate and maintain, intelligent control system, can realize the real automatic library function, avoid the past multiplication

The heavy artificial library work reduces the work intensity of the warehouse manager, and ensures that the error rate of the outbound operation is zero.

(2) Monitoring and management system including data management, warehousing management, library management, inquiries, reports, documents and libraries, alarm, monitoring and animation modules.

Automated three-dimensional warehouse with rapid and accurate operation of the characteristics, generally out of the storage of frequent goods using automated shelves is more appropriate, otherwise the above characteristics of automation will not be able to get full body

Now。Automated shelves require a balanced operation, the frequency of the storage should not be high and low,. Otherwise, the downtime of the warehouse operation is not conducive to the automatic shelf to play its due effect.


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