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Effectively ensure that the quality of the goods is not changed
Oct 17, 2017

1 double increase the inventory capacity of the limited area; (different shelf structure has different space utilization, reasonable shelf structure form and layout based on the type of goods, the management requirements of the goods, the type of warehouse and the types of mechanical storage and transportation equipment, etc.)

2 storage and transshipment speed meet supply chain requirements. (Different goods and goods in bulk specify different supply chain and supply chain rate, general industrial storage shelves or automated three-dimensional inventory system can be completely district with different supply chain rate requirements)

The development of industrial shelves plays an important role in the development of modern industry. It is an indispensable part of the overall enterprise planning.

Storage shelves generally refer to the use of special steel material personalized design customized shelves. They are mainly embodied in industrial production, logistics and transport links, distribution center warehouse and electrical supplier supporting the use of the Treasury. These commercial shelves of standardized custom-made use, greatly enhance the production efficiency, so that people with organic interaction, so that warehouse management scientific and orderly. So what role will the storage shelves play in real work? What are their direct effects?

1, from the local to the whole three-dimensional structure, accurate design organically reasonable combination of cohesion, can make full use of warehouse space, cargo loading as much as possible, greatly improve the storage capacity, expansion of warehousing capabilities.

2, most of the conventional shelves can be advanced first out, in the good order of the premise, the goods access convenient, to achieve the perfect choice of goods, smooth inventory turnover.

3, the advantages of three-dimensional shelves, the goods to have a regular, hierarchical, planned storage, in different locations in the shelves, so that managers at a glance, easy to inventory, division, measurement and other very important management work.

4, in the face of a large number of goods, a wide range of products can be designed different styles of the different structure of the three-dimensional shelves, with mechanical handling tools, to meet the cargo warehousing and turnover of all the need, but also can do storage and handling work in an orderly fashion.

5, the shelf space of the three-dimensional composition, so that the goods are not squeezed into each other, the material loss of small, can be the largest to become a complete guarantee of materials, relief of goods in the storage link loss.

6, the scientific adaptation of storage shelves, can effectively ensure that the quality of goods do not change, take moisture-proof, dustproof, anti-theft, and other measures to improve the quality of material storage.

7., storage shelves are generally characterized by: large gravity, difficult to deformation, reliable connection, disassembly easy, diversified. Meet the modern enterprise low cost, low loss, efficient logistics supply chain management needs.

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