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Efficient and convenient service and production life
Oct 17, 2017

Various shelves pallets play their respective roles in their respective occasions, take storage shelves pallets or call jobs

Shelves pallet, pallet custom-made materials such as the impact of their own safety and the use of goods storage. Shelf pallets in the above product or warehouse use, in response to reasonable determination of the use of manufacturing shelves pallet material, if not clear, will lead to high procurement costs or security and other hidden dangers. Furthermore, what type and structure of storage shelves pallet more suitable for what kind of products in the warehouse use, but also need to pass a certain, so as to make shelves tray more efficient and more convenient service and production life.

At present, the industrial shelves are generally used steel as the material, which is not only because of the hardness of steel and other more suitable for storage pallet overloading, but also because of its mature processing and production process. This material shelves pallet is mainly structured with angle shelf trays with removable shelves. Angle shelves pallet is mainly by the angle or square tube welding process, and so on, this pallet molding can not be disassembled and assembled, in the load bearing is not as removable shelf pallet has advantages, just used in the general product warehouse storage, such as small commodities. Removable Storage Shelves pallet is the main pallet type, this pallet can be combined structure allows the shelf tray has a better extensibility, shelf pallets can store more products and improve the storage space utilization. Socket-type storage shelves pallet columns generally use C-shaped or U-shaped steel, beams using P-type tube or heavy-duty welding beam, laminated plate using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate by folding edge and add welding bottom reinforcement.

In recent years, aluminum alloy pallet, with its low carbon, energy-saving design concept, in medical, food, electronics, chemical products, such as transport occupies an increasingly important position. Aluminum alloy tray is in wooden pallets, plastic pallets, steel pallets based on the development, in Europe and the United States and other developed countries have been widely used. As a new type of assembly, stacking, handling and transportation of units, aluminum alloy pallet and wood, plastic pallet compared to what advantages?

1, clean, corrosion-resistant, do not absorb water, easy to wash, no pests, no bacteria.

2, aluminum alloy unique low-temperature performance, especially suitable for cold storage and other low-temperature use occasions.

3, light quality, can be manually transported, effectively reduce the weight of transport. Compared with steel pallets, the same size weighs only 1/3 of its weight.

4, aluminum pallets long service life, after the use of scrap, can be recycled and reused.

5, the High recovery value, the salvage value can reach the purchase price 30%-50%.

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