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Fire Prevention Strategy Of Storage Supermarkets
Jun 08, 2018

Fire hydrants, water supply networks, storage supermarkets, indoor wall hydrants can be installed on the external walls of the entrance and exit. Considering the needs of indoor and outdoor automatic fire alarm system, warehouse supermarket must install fire alarm system which is a main component of fixed fire protection facilities, and take effective measures for early detection of fire, It is very important to control and extinguish fire. If the probe is located in a high position, it will be difficult for the sensor to be installed not only on the top of the shelf, but also on the top of the shelf. It is better to install a probe on each floor of the shelf.

The spray system must be matched with the shelf setting so that each shelf is placed within the protective range of the spray head and large valuables are installed. In the event of a fire, the sprinkler system is within reach, and the initial fire will be extinguished. As a result, newly built steel structure buildings should install smoke exhausters on the roof, and their quantity should meet the requirements of a single independent fire prevention zone. The fire control center can start the exhaust fan as necessary, What the fire brigade must mention is that the air conditioning system in the super field and the fresh air duct should be installed at places such as crossing the fire prevention zone and so on. The fire prevention warehouse supermarket must report to the public security fire control agencies to check the collection before casting the fire. Fire fighting facilities must be tested and tested before they can be put into business before how to strengthen fire safety management. The most fundamental measure to ensure the safety of supermarkets is to strictly comply with the requirements of fire safety management in warehouses. To do a good job of fire safety in warehouse supermarkets, from shelving to placing commodities must be in accordance with the requirements of fire protection in warehouses. Ensure the safe distance between the goods between the shelves and the pillar beam roof lighting, in particular, pay attention to the goods stacked on the top shelf should not be super high, be placed under the sprinkler head of the water spray pipe, and maintain a safe distance of at least 50 cm. Keep the goods within the scope of spray head protection. The safe passage and the top end of the shelf can no longer be placed when goods are placed on the shelf. When the goods are installed on the shelf, they should use noncombustible or refractory goods to enter the hall as far as possible, so as to reduce the fire burning load and set up a fire safety organization in the supermarket. In order to establish the fire prevention responsibility system of company departments, the fire prevention responsibility system should be established according to the requirements of the fire safety management regulations of the organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions of the Ministry of Public Security. At the same time, the supermarket security department should formulate the fire emergency plan, including the plan of safe evacuation for the customers in the supermarket, the plan for the safe evacuation of vehicles in the parking lot and the fire fighting plan for each department. Make clear the responsibility of all post personnel in case of fire and organize exercises regularly to strengthen fire safety propaganda and education for employees and customers. All employees in supermarket should learn fire safety knowledge of base wood and fire emergency plan of supermarket. The key parts should also be managed in accordance with the fire safety requirements of the key parts, and all fire prevention measures should be implemented to strictly control smoking in the operating areas of fire storage supermarkets. It is forbidden to use open fire in business area to ensure safety conclusion. Large commodities in warehouse supermarket are densely staffed. Once a fire breaks out, it is easy to cause heavy property losses and personnel injuries.

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