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How To Reduce Storage Cost
May 24, 2018

Warehousing cost management refers to any necessary storage operation method adopted by the enterprise in storage management, with the aim of achieving the predetermined storage quality and storage quantity at the lowest storage cost. Including all efforts to reduce storage costs. 

(1) adopting a "first-in-first-out" approach to reduce the risk of storage; 

(2) increasing the storage density and increasing the utilization ratio of storage capacity;The main purpose of this is to reduce the investment of storage facilities and increase the utilization ratio of unit storage area to reduce the cost and land occupation. There are three ways: one. Adopting the method of high stacking and increasing the height of storage, the concrete methods of increasing storage height include the use of high-rise shelf warehouses, containers and so on, which can greatly increase the storage height by .2compared with the general storage methods. The concrete methods of reducing the width of the passage inside the storehouse to increase the effective area of storage are to adopt narrow tunnel passage and track loading and unloading vehicles to reduce the requirements of the running width of the vehicle, and adopt the side forklift and push-pull forklift, To reduce the width required for forklift turning. 3. The specific methods of reducing the number of channels in the warehouse to increase the effective storage area are the adoption of intensive shelves, the use of unloadable shelves that do not depend on the passageway to enter the vehicle, and the adoption of various types of through-through shelves. Adopt the bridge crane loading and unloading technology which does not depend on the passage and so on.

(3) adopting effective storage positioning system to improve the efficiency of storage operation; (4) adopting effective monitoring and inventory methods to improve the accuracy of warehousing operations; 

(5) accelerating turnover and increasing output per unit of warehouse capacity; 

(6) to adopt diversified operations and revitalize assets; 

(7) strengthening labour management; 

(8) reducing operating and management costs

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