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Improve logistics operation efficiency and service quality
Oct 17, 2017

Logistics equipment is one of the main logistics tools of modern enterprises, and it is the basis of reasonable organization of mass production and mechanized flow-shop. For the third party logistics enterprises, logistics equipment is the material and technical basis of organizing logistics activities, which embodies the logistics capacity of the logistics enterprises. Logistics equipment is the material base of logistics system, along with the development and progress of logistics, logistics equipment has been promoted and developed. Many new devices are emerging in the field of logistics equipment, such as four-way pallet, overhead forklift, automatic sorting machine, automatic guide van (AGV), container, etc., greatly reduce people's labor intensity, improve logistics operation efficiency and service quality, reduce the logistics cost of passers-by, play an important role in logistics operation, Greatly promoted the rapid development of logistics.

Logistics equipment category, model specifications, variety of complex. Generally, the equipment to complete logistics equipment logistics operations as the standard, the equipment into:

Packaging equipment

Logistics packaging equipment refers to the completion of all or part of the packaging process of machinery and equipment. Packaging equipment is to make the product packaging to achieve mechanization, automation of the fundamental guarantee. Mainly include filling equipment, canned equipment, sealing equipment, packaging equipment, labeling equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment, sterilization equipment.

Warehousing Equipment

Mainly including shelves, stacking machines, indoor trucks, inbound and outbound transportation equipment, sorting equipment, hoist, handling robot and Computer Management and monitoring system. These devices can be automated, semi-automatic, mechanized commercial warehouses to store, access and pick up goods.

Assembly Unit

The main containers, pallets, turnover boxes and other sets of equipment units. The goods are assembled or packaged after the collection of equipment, with a high degree of flexibility, ready to run at any time, conducive to the realization of storage, loading and unloading, transport and packaging integration, logistics operations to achieve mechanization and standardization.

Loading and unloading

Refers to the equipment used to move, lift, unload and short distance conveying materials, which is an important part of logistics machinery and equipment. From the point of view of use and structure, loading and unloading equipment mainly includes lifting equipment, continuous transportation equipment, loading and unloading vehicles, special handling and handling equipment, etc.

Circulation processing

Mainly including metal processing equipment, mixing equipment, wood processing equipment and other flow logistics equipment through processing equipment.

Transportation equipment

The importance of transport was mentioned earlier. The unique position of transportation in logistics puts forward higher requirements for transportation equipment, transport equipment is required to be high-speed, intelligent, general-purpose, large-scale and safe and reliable characteristics, in order to improve the operational efficiency of road transport, reduce the cost of transportation, and to optimize the use of transport equipment. According to different modes of transportation, the transportation equipment can be divided into trucks, freight cars, cargo ships, air transport equipment and piping equipment. For a third-party logistics company, the general only has a certain number of trucks, while other transport equipment directly use the public transport equipment.

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