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Improving The Effect Of Product Packaging On Shelf
May 25, 2018

With the emergence of large super-choice shopping malls, even stores and specialty stores, the form of merchandise sale has also changed. At the same time, the packaging of goods plays an advertising role as a silent salesman. In the customer's mind, it is a powerful means to establish the market image and establish the brand effect by strengthening the customer's impression of the trademark and the enterprise, and improving the reputation and reputation. 

The display language effect of modern packaging design on the shelf is another balance to evaluate whether packaging design is excellent or not. The unified visual recognition of product packaging is highly recognizable in the market and impresses consumers, which is conducive to improving the brand image and the popularity of commodities. A good brand image provides a good display space for packaging design. At the same time also conducive to the brand image of the enterprise is recognized by customers. 

Therefore, packaging design should be based on modern packaging trends, as far as possible. The direction of design is to highlight the characteristics and images of products through the artistic forms such as modeling, color, writing, etc. Emphasis on the overall design, the overall outlook of the commodity group to meet the needs of the international market. Therefore, the series packaging occupies a large area of exhibition space on the shelves of general shopping malls and supermarkets, resulting in overwhelming impact of other commodities. The group beauty, rule beauty and strong information transmission of serialized packaging are favorable for competition with other products. Packaging design is designed to attract customers. The direction of design is to highlight the characteristics and images of products and convey product beliefs through artistic forms such as modeling, color, writing and so on. 

Many of the products that belong to international enterprises take brand logo as the main design language completely on the shelf, highlight brand logo, color striking and impressive, such as Coca Cola beverage packaging, pure and powerful red and white color, Smooth and lively font and graphics neat and generous, in the passion and enthusiasm of the metaphor, impressive. Because of its distinctive characteristics, it appears in complete sets on the shelves, enabling consumers to immediately identify its markings and product names, thus reaching a deep impression, remembering the effects of the unplanned design, avoiding the unplanned design of each other, different styles, and no connection. The form does not form the whole effect and so on the shortcoming. In order to create a strong enterprise or brand image, in the eyes of the public and consumers, looking for a gap in demand or quality difference among competitors, forming a bright, strong impact effect, showing the unique charm of the commodity. Compared with other similar products, shelf effects and impressions are enough to make consumers have a deep memory and make products produce unique charm. This further explains that the visual effect of merchandise shelves is the main means to stimulate customers' desire to buy and to promote the cycle of goods on the shelves, so that the commodities remain vigorous vitality. It is a powerful weapon for promoting goods that please consumers to occupy the market. 

In the design, we should maintain the vivid and typical of the packaging visual image through the powerful graphics and color form language, and force the consumer to contact with the goods for a short time in order to produce interest. It is possible to create a buying motivation or prepare for the next purchase. It can be seen that the personality of its brand image is to express the individuality of the product, combine the abstract brand image with the concrete product, at the same time, the good product packaging design further promotes the enterprise brand image.

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