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Logistics Equipment Market
May 28, 2018

Logistics equipment refers to the equipment used in various logistics links, including transportation equipment, storage equipment, loading and unloading equipment, packaging equipment, circulation processing equipment, containerization equipment and so on. In recent years, our country logistics equipment market demand is exuberant, the entire industry obtains the fast development. 

Among them, forklift truck as the main handling equipment, forklift market concept has been put forward. The so-called forklift market, that is, after the forklift truck sales around its use of various services, including maintenance, leasing, accessories sales, used car sales, old car renovation and related training, information services, technical support, and so on. At present, the domestic forklift market has formed a complete industrial chain, and rapid growth. But after the logistics equipment market has not been clear concept, many logistics equipment enterprises and the system integrator often regards the after-sales service as an essential management business, the main service way includes: the entire life cycle management is 7x24 all-weather technical support, Timing service, site service, training, operation support service, etc. 

We believe that after the logistics equipment market is also known as the after-sales service market, refers to the logistics equipment after the sale, the user in the process of use of all the services required. That is, the whole life cycle of logistics equipment or logistics system from selling to scrapping, the general name of a series of service transaction activities around the use of various subsequent needs.

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