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Maintenance Of Mezzanine
Jul 03, 2018
  1. Do not put more goods than the shelves carry. The racking of different specifications are designed and manufactured according to load bearing. Therefore, the weight of goods placed on the shelf must be within the racking weight. Warehouse cargo manager had better do on the shelf load limit identification. We should follow the principle of weight on the bottom of the shelf.

  2. Different warehouses, different goods, have different methods of use. The warehouse manager must make the racking use system, let each shelf user learn and obey, can guarantee the shelf safe use and the life. To regularly maintain the attic storage shelves, check the fastening connection, loose damage caused by the collapse.

  3. Pay attention to moisture proof sunscreen and rainproof Although the shelf columns and beams are all metal products and the surfaces are painted, they may rust for a long time after being exposed to moisture, thus affecting the shelf life of the mezzanine.

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