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Mezzanine Shelf Structure
Oct 30, 2018

The overall structure of the loft-style shelf is assembled, without the need for on-site welding, and the overall appearance is beautiful and generous. Compared with the concrete structure or the steel structure, since the bottom shelf itself plays the supporting role of the upper floor, it has the advantages of low cost and high space utilization.


Mezzanine panels are available in flat, patterned steel, and perforated steel plates to meet the requirements of fire protection, ventilation, lighting, etc. For the upper and lower floors of the goods, forklifts, hydraulic lifting platforms, freight elevators, etc. can be selected; the same layer transportation of goods is usually done by small trolleys.


Mezzanine usually have a bearing capacity of 300KG~1000KG/m2, and the column has a round tube with strong bearing capacity and less steel. The main and secondary beams can choose the most economical and reasonable H-beam and Saxon in steel structure engineering according to the bearing requirements. The special steel platform developed by the company is a C-shaped cold-formed beam.

Mezzanine panel adopts special special C-shaped cold-formed pattern steel plate or hollow plate for Saxony. It adopts gusset structure and is fixed with steel of main and secondary beams. The whole platform structure is strong. You can select different floor panels according to actual needs. Meet the requirements of fire or dust prevention, and prevent small pieces from falling. Lighting system can also be configured as needed below the floor.

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