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Mezzanine Structure Advantage
Jun 14, 2018

Warehouse shelves of goods requirements are different, shelf R & D and production is also a lot of different types. Nowadays, more attic shelving systems are used, which are built on a central attic on the original warehouse shelves, in order to add more storage space, and large attic shelves can be selected as four floors. But must cooperate with the large warehouse storage machinery to help complete the storage work. Small attic shelves facilitate access to some light or small assembly goods, can meet the storage of a large number of types of products, manual storage and storage of containers, usually by forklift or hydraulic lift platform or cargo ladder transport. The first and second floors are transported by light small forklifts or hydraulic pallet trucks. The main column of the mezzanine shelf is cold rolled steel floor, which is characterized by its advantages of large carrying capacity, stable integrity, average bearing capacity, flat appearance and easy determination of goods. There are also a variety of layouts available, equipped with lighting system to access goods more convenient and fast. The attic shelves are customized according to the various devices needed in the warehouse and can be installed on site without welding. In parts range, 4 S shop, light industry, electronics and so on have more use. The main features can enhance shelf height, fully use height space.

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