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Narrow Aisle Rack
Feb 08, 2018

Narrow aisle racking is based on the pallet racking , cooperated with dedicated "high rack stackers" as well as forklift orbit determination, then the truck will drive along a predetermined orbit. On the base of completely inherited advantages of pallet racking , it achieves rack  smaller passageway  and improve warehouse storage density .


1. The Post using the On-line lamination process.

2.Beams are plug connected to post, adopt our patent post card form , ensure that 100% security in the process of operation.

3. Suitable pallets: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, steel pallets .

4. Cargo storage type: Any goods is safe to place on the pallets.

5.Suitable forklift: Reach truck, counterbalanced forklift, ordinary diesel forklifts, various types of electric forklifts, fork truck etc.

6. Carrying capacity of each layer: 1500-6000kg/layer

7. Applicable industries : various manufacturing, logistics, product distribution center, warehouse stores, etc.

8. The size of rack can be customized 

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