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OTS Light Duty Shelves And Household Shelves
Nov 14, 2017

As usual , industrial racking have many differences from household shelves, and most home use customers often think that it is hard to find hoe use rack when they search for shelves in Google (here, we're talking about homes Shelf refers specifically to the storage shelves, kitchen shelves are not included.) At the same time merchants did not focus on the introduction of household shelves standard, which led to many home shelves customers are not satisfied with the purchase of shelves and even return the situation.

 Light duty rack.png

                         Household shelves                                                                    Industry racking

In fact, if you choose household shelves , just see few principles as follows :

1) Beautiful, atmosphere, harmony with the family decoration atmosphere;

2) Free DIY, free stitching the desired shelf form;

3) Must be easy to install, a rubber hammer can be;

4) Low price, good quality.

As we know , industry racking is ingle and non-family atmosphere ; install industry shelves is difficult for average families (except Great man,haha ); light duty racks for conventional industry Larger, not easy to move.

It the household rack can meet the above requirements , it is the good choice . Of course, OTS RACK is still your good choice. Welcome to Click Product to enter Light duty rack --- DIY home use rack.

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