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Plastic pallet
May 31, 2018

Plastic pallet is a kind of logistics unit used with forklift, shelf and other logistics equipment. Can be used to store, load, transport goods, is one of the essential logistics equipment in modern logistics warehousing. The emergence of plastic pallets is the best product to reduce forest damage by using plastic pallets instead of wooden trays to meet the needs of environmental protection. It is an inevitable product of adapting to the development of the logistics industry, and as the concept of food safety continues to strengthen, The high requirement of hygiene in pharmaceutical industry, plastic tray is favored and sought after by the pharmaceutical industry because of its characteristics of anticorrosion, moisture-proof, rust-proof, insect-borer resistance, moldy resistance and so on. 

Application Plastic tray for chemical, petrochemical, food, aquatic products, feed, clothing, shoes, electronics, electrical, port, wharf, catering, biomedical, mechanical hardware, automotive manufacturing, petrochemical, three-dimensional storage, logistics and transportation, Warehouse handling, storage shelves, auto parts, beer drinks, electronics, electrical textile printing, packaging, logistics center and other industries.

1.The following points should be noted when using plastic trays

2.Plastic pallets should be placed lightly to avoid uneven force and damage when landing.  

When placing goods, should be placed evenly, avoid lifting and handling, side tilting. 

3. When using the handling equipment, we should consider whether the difference size is suitable for this plastic tray, avoid the improper size and maintain the plastic tray. 

4. When stacking is used, the load bearing of the lowest tray should be considered.

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