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Plastic Parts Box
May 11, 2018

Plastic parts box, storage equipment, used for storing all kinds of parts, convenient for the management standard color of red, spring, blue, black;80 degrees Celsius can withstand common acid, alkali and any solvent;The moisture absorption rate is lower than 0.01%.The effective working temperature is 30 degrees below zero and 70 degrees centigrade. It is made of polypropylene and polyethylene. It has light weight and long service life.Back hanging parts box are polypropylene as material, good mechanical performance, light weight, long service life, under normal working temperature can be resistant to acid and alkali, is suitable for the workshop production site, warehouse and other kinds of occasions, enhance the level of logistics management is a good helper.

In order to prevent electrostatic co-polypropylene from the anti-static parts box, the anti-static surface and volume resistivity can be achieved, and the anti-static parts box can meet the antistatic demand of most electronic industries.The special compartments of the back - mounted parts box can divide the inner space of the parts box, and it is easier to choose the material with the label.And it can be used with material sorting rack, working table, multi-layer trolley and wall hanging board, which will be more convenient.

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