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Positioning accuracy and smoothness of operation
Oct 17, 2017

As an intelligent track guidance handling equipment in automated storage system, the shuttle vehicle can display the high speed and high efficiency automatic conveying of the unit material, which has high automation and flexibility. The shuttle vehicle has the function of dynamically moving along the fixed path, which can realize the transmission between different stations, which makes the equipment layout of the automatic conveying system more compact and simple, improves the efficiency of material conveying, and is widely used in the automatic logistics system. The shuttle Shelf is one of the typical representatives of its use.

From the form of the track, the shuttle can be divided into reciprocating straight shuttle car, circular shuttle car, circular shuttle car can be run in the same track more than one body, is the development trend of the shuttle vehicle. Shuttle car and fixed at the end of the vertical elevator, continuous hoist or basket-type shelves free combination, with the use of Multi-layer shuttle, it is possible to replace the stacking machine, the completion of the rapid access to the box material operations. Due to the small ratio of the working payload to the equipment, it means that the energy consumption of each storage unit is greatly reduced, and the concept of green energy saving is in line with the current trend of world development.

Reciprocating straight-line shuttle vehicle is an intelligent track guidance handling equipment used in the automated logistics system, under the control of the electronic control system, we can accurately locate the input and output stations through the encoder, laser ranging and so on, and accept the material to carry out reciprocating shuttle transportation, which is mainly used in the unit logistics high speed in the automated logistics system. Efficient plane automatic transmission, with a high degree of automation and flexibility.

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