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Principles And Characteristics Of Storage Shelf Design
Jun 07, 2018

In many people's view, the Dongguan shelf is a simple splicing of all kinds of profiles. However, for the professionals, the design and production of shelves are far from being as simple as those in the imagination. The design and production of shelves need to consider all kinds of problems, not only the practicability of shelves, but also the aesthetics of shelves. 

Considering the volume of the warehouse, the volume, weight and size of the cargo, the convenience of loading and unloading of the forklift, whether the impact of the forklift will damage the shelf, and the protection of earthquake intensity; 

Secondly, it is necessary to consider whether there is enough space between the goods on the Dongguan shelves, whether the fire fighting passage is left, and whether the operation of the workers is convenient and labor-saving. 

Finally consider what steel to use, surface how to do rust-proof treatment and so on. At the same time to ensure that the shelf to meet the needs, to reduce the cost of shelves and costs.

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