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Reduce the footprint of warehouse and improve the utilization of space
Oct 17, 2017

Shelf is a modern warehouse to improve the efficiency of the important tool, by professionals in accordance with customer needs design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of storage shelves of goods. Shelves are not the necessities of people's lives, but are widely used by many large enterprises and industrial and commercial enterprises. At present, the storage warehouse of enterprises used in the types of shelves more and more tend to automation, intelligent.

Light shelf shelves, medium shelves, heavy-duty shelves, fluent shelves, loft-style shelves, mold shelves, through-type shelves, high shelves, driven shelves, pressure-type shelves, double-stretched shelves, drawer-type shelves, reel shelves, grid shelves, cantilever shelves, sheet-type shelves, glass shelves, mobile shelves, shuttle-style shelves, Wire Rod Racking.

Features of the shelf:

Simple structure, convenient disassembly, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, large load-bearing capacity, not easy to deformation. The goods are neatly placed, at a glance, access speed, improve work efficiency, reduce the footprint of the warehouse, improve the space utilization, flexible shelves, make multi-layer, save the cost of enterprise; universal good, suitable for putting a variety of goods, prevent the goods damp; each set of shelves can be coded, convenient to find, save manpower; Low cost.

The question of how to identify lightweight shelves is not to look at the bearer to see if the shelves are light shelves. The shelves factory small part of the question, how much do you think the load is lightweight shelves? How much does it say on the shelves? For customers without professional knowledge, don't you worry about the shelves of black-hearted vendors to your light shelves but the medium-sized shelves of money?

1. If the column is composed of 38*38 angle steel, it must be light shelves; If the column is composed of C-shaped steel, then look at the specification of the column, if the column specification for 50*30, that is light shelves.

2. Medium storage shelves and heavy duty storage shelves are all with a diagonal brace, but the inclined brace is smaller than the opening of the column so it needs to be filled with plastic pads, although the light B shelves are also inclined to support, but do not need to add plastic pads, angle steel shelves, let alone (no diagonal support at all). So the shelves without plastic pads must be light shelves.

3. Light shelves have a big bright spot is that the shelf does not have a bolt, which is also a simple way to distinguish light shelves.

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