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Routine Maintenance And Management Of Warehouse Storage Racks
Nov 09, 2017

Most of the warehouse storage racks are one-time investment in equipment, routine use of at least 15 years or more, as a warehouse storage rack sales engineer, follow-up maintenance of storage shelf equipment for many years of work, have the following experience to share with you:

1.Anti-collision protection Most of the shelves most vulnerable to damage is the channel and corner of the column, usually by forklift collision deformation. Pallet rack suppliers are supplied with crash barriers on different racks , channel widths and conveyances. In the channel position should be installed crash guardrail. The installation of anti-collision column to protect the shelf column has a very important role.

2. Anti-pressure. Different specifications of the shelves are designed according to bearing. Therefore, the weight of the goods placed on the shelves must be within the load-bearing shelves. Warehouse trainers best load-bearing load-bearing logo on the shelf. To follow the principle of the weight at the bottom of the shelf, that is, the bottom of heavy objects, high-level light objects.

 3. Moisture sunscreen rain. Although the shelf columns and beams are metal products, and the surface has a baking paint, but the damp sun, over time may rust, affecting the service life. Shelf shelves and more for the wood, the location by the window most susceptible to rain, wood will be deformed after the tilt tilt.

4. The provisions of the use of push cars. In particular, heavy-duty and high-rise warehouse shelves must be equipped with a power push car. The use and operation of a push car must be handled by a certified person only. The vast majority of warehouse shelves columns were knocked deformation due to non-designated personnel caused by pushing the car. Another shelf beams best custom yellow, in order to push car operator identification.

5. Provisions of the standard card size and delivery size. Common card size in the length and breadth 0.8 meters -1.2 meters. Such as heavy beams beam shelf length is generally 2.5 meters, is placed in accordance with the width of the two cards designed. If the pallets used are non-standard, or if the size of the cargo carried on it exceeds 1.2 meters, it may hit the column with a hard or stiff pull on the shelf.

6. The provisions of the shelf system. Different warehouses, different goods, each warehouse storage pallet rack have different ways to use. Warehouse managers have to develop a shelf usage system, so that every shelf user learns and abides by it, is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.

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