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Several Methods Of Safe Storage Of Paddy In House Warehouse
Jun 08, 2018

The change of grain temperature with environment temperature will seriously affect the storage quality of rice. In order to solve the above problems, a method of safe storage of rice in large bungalows has been found out, that is, installing advanced computer digital temperature measurement and monitoring system in the warehouse, according to the rise of rice temperature anywhere in the bungalow. Adopt winter ventilation cooling, spring heat insulation and summer heat removal cooling. So that the saturation state of the pressure and temperature of the critical point, all of the above can effectively prevent the upper part of the rice house dew.

According to practice, the cable should be 301006.51 sizes of large rice barn. According to practice, the cable should be 5 transverse, 20 vertical, 100 temperature measuring cables and 4 temperature measuring points per root, evenly symmetrical arrangement, so as to ensure no dead angle of any land in the barn. When the temperature measuring cable is hung, the strength of the temperature beam should be measured and the end of each temperature measuring cable should be paid attention to. There should be a soft attachment point to avoid the temperature measurement cable running off in the human grain and the inaccuracy of the digital temperature measurement point. It should be equipped with a more advanced computer grain temperature monitoring system, so that the rice in any block in the warehouse can be monitored at any time.

In winter, the winter ventilation cooling in the northeast region is from the end of 9 to the beginning of October, the average daily temperature is about 0, the October to February of the next year is the season of the rice entry and the lowest temperature in the middle of the year. The winter ventilation cooling can be divided into two parts, that is, the temperature of the rice grain and the regular mechanical ventilation. The temperature of the rice barn should be close to the temperature. The temperature of the outdoor environment, such as the temperature of the drying rice, should be reduced to the temperature of the outdoor environment in time to avoid the temperature of the rice. The rice grain after the storehouse should be cooled by mechanical ventilation at regular intervals, as well as the ventilation time of 2,1 at every interval of 45., so as to keep the rice grain in the low temperature for a long time, so that Fang Shicang can not only guarantee the low temperature of the grain in the warehouse for a long time, but also ensure that the rice is at low temperature for a long time. The upper space of the room is not exposed and the quality of the rice is kept.

Thermal insulation is to add a heat insulation layer between the wall and the rice in order to slow down the heat transfer to the rice in the warehouse and keep the low temperature state in the warehouse in winter. The methods can be divided into rice husk insulation and plastic film insulation. Rice husks are insulated by stacking layers of rice husks along the walls of the rice bunker while the rice husks are stored in the bunker. Plastic film insulation is to cover the rice grain in the warehouse with plastic film before the temperature rises, and then pile up a layer of rice husk on the top of the plastic film to pack the rice husk. To slow the rate of heat transfer and to maintain the low temperature state in the bin. The key to control the rice temperature in the warehouse in summer is how to reduce and eliminate the influence of the environment temperature on the rice temperature in the warehouse. In general, summer daytime temperature is higher, night temperature is relatively low. In order to reduce the influence of solar radiation heat and ambient temperature on the rice in the bunker, the windows and doors of the bungalow can be closed during the day, and the lowest temperature in the day is from 2 to 4 a.m., and the axial fan in the bungalow can be opened for ventilation. In order to eliminate the heat accumulation in the warehouse, reduce the temperature of rice in the warehouse.

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