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Shelf Maintenance
May 14, 2018

Although most of our shelves are made of steel, but we are still in our daily life to the correct use and maintenance shelves, in order to reduce the damage to the goods shelves, reduce unnecessary costs, as your company's employees in a batch of another batch, but your shelves or new standing there, it's fully see the shelves of the importance of maintenance.Let's take a look at some of the maintenance myths that are common on the shelves.

A shelf and not clean dehumidification in time, some people think that shelf did certain antirust processing in the factory, they said no longer follow-up maintenance, actually this kind of idea is completely wrong shelves after be affected with damp be affected with damp or need to use cloth to wipe clean.Be sure to prevent rust.

Second, the goods on the shelf is random, actually otherwise, each rack has its own bearing range, do not force the load in the use process, avoid to cause safety hidden trouble.

Three, card board to buy casually, actually is not, card board must choose appropriate card board, do not use unqualified card board.If you have other questions, please contact us any time!

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