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Shelves Traditional Material
Nov 14, 2018

Shelves traditional material for the shelves are wood, metal (steel, aluminum), glass, and the use of glass steel instead of wood and metal abroad.The trend of replacing glass with plexiglass, FRP has superior mechanical properties, and is light, semi-transparent, colorable, and free to form.

Features such as low cost. It can be used for racks, cabinets, cabinets, tables, boxes, partitions, etc. for merchandise display. Because it is free to form,the designer can give it many new forms. Plexiglass has been invented in the 19th century, and the shortcomings of poor wear resistance of early products have been improved. It has the advantages of high strength, no breakage, no fading, high plasticity, good light diffusibility, and cheaper than foreign glass in foreign countries. The advantage of easy plasticity allows it to be bent, folded, cut and die cast, making it a wide range of styling possibilities when used in store shelves. In order to prevent dust, the box-type shelf should be provided with a transparent plexiglass cover, and the transparent plexiglass is used as a shelf to display goods, which has an excellent display effect.

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