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Storage Racking Advantages In Logistic
Dec 05, 2017

The current enterprises are facing a fierce competitive environment, The flow and allocation of resources in the world are greatly strengthened. All countries in the world pay more attention to the development of logistics for their own economic development,Modern logistics has also entered a period of rising development. racking is an important tool in modern logistics .

Explain the advantages of heavy racks in logistics and transport.

1) racks handling to reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the enthusiasm of the labor, learning skills also increased accordingly, Stable team has played a good role.

2) It is conducive to the classification of storage racks, reduce the loss of goods In the racks and racks into the racks . From the tray on the racking until delivery, in the tray will not have more than one pile. In the loft-style shelving base, vertical loading and unloading of goods by the artificial and mechanical matching process,Reduce artificial lift due to fatigue damage rate. On the other hand, the goods must be tidy due to the accumulation of large-scale goods on the tray, subject to the storage space.

3) Improve the efficiency of import and export of goods. The racking product is usually placed on the tray, the product is encoded in and out of the library , Then put the racking on the forklift,

Forklift walking speed and handling capacity, loading and unloading efficiency in the average processing time reduced by 26%.

4) It is convenient to facilitate computer management. Each location on the racking is fixed,The fixed number position on the racks is not easy to damage. Each position signal is input to the computer, the goods are input to each position, Delivered computer can print out a location, convenient storage of goods and loading and unloading and loading operations, It can provide customers with their freight logistics data transmission, better customer service.

5) It can improve land utilization. In the attic warehouse racks, for example, the area has not changed, the construction area 6048 square meters, increased to 10048 square meters, while improving the displacement rate. Compared with the building steel structure warehouse, Investment and construction of racks with less investment, short construction period, quick, removable features. therefore, From the convenience of input and output of goods, racks can effectively improve land use efficiency.

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