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Storage Shelf Placement Techniques
Jun 07, 2018

In the storage shelf display, some people often pay attention to how many storage shelves can be put, think that the more storage shelves put, the higher the warehouse utilization ratio, but the feasibility and convenience of the actual operation will often be ignored. Like the wall side can only put a single row of shelves is a point of practical feasibility, if the side of the wall put two rows, then the inside shelves can not be put into the product, it will be very difficult to take out. And do not place a single row of shelves against the wall will cause too much waste of space. The display of the product is closely connected to the overall beauty. In the storage shelf, the requirement of placing the product lies in the particularity of the goods, and the main performance is whether it can be stacked, suspended, vertical, horizontal, bulk, and so on. Storage shelves should be designed to ensure proper area and space for storage, so that goods can be effectively arranged in horizontal arrangement to show the variety of goods. In order to shelf inventory turnover. Frequently stored goods are placed on storage shelves closest to the entrance and exit; of course, inventory turnover varies as the product's life cycle, season, and other factors change. The goods should be marked in a passageway, not only to the outside plane, but also to all the goods in the same direction, so that the staff can always work smoothly. No need to interrupt the work to confirm the mark, easy to work, improve work efficiency.

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