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Storage Shelves Factory Warehouse Shelves Quantity Analysis Of The Enterprise
May 22, 2018

 With the rapid development of shelf industry, now more and more enterprises begin to storage shelves, is applied to solve the problem of insufficient enterprise storage, storage shelves, after all, can make full use of space, improve storage efficiency, optimize the warehouse management, so the application of storage shelves is inevitable.And because the enterprise is different from those of small factories, for the demand of storage shelves are large, so the enterprise warehouse before shelf wholesale to statistics the number of storage shelves, avoid buy more or less.In that case, how do you know the number of shelves in the warehouse?Now that want to know the number of warehouse shelves, you must first organize your own needs and the actual environment of warehouse, warehouse, after all, columns, doors, fire hydrant, etc. All need to set aside a certain distance, is bound to have a certain impact on the number of shelves.In addition, storage shelves arranged will also affect the number of shelves, after all is arranged in a different way, its space utilization situation is different, so the corresponding shelves number will also be different, so storage shelves arrangement is also one of the factors, which affect the number of shelves.Now the arrangement of storage shelves is mainly three types: horizontal, vertical, oblique, according to the actual situation to choose warehouse, channel can be on the edge, also can leave in the middle, depending on the actual work needs, considering storage utilization and picking efficiency.As for the warehousing aisle, it is necessary to consider manual access or forklift access.During manual access, the storage racks are usually reserved between 80mm and 120mm.When the forklift access operation, the warehouse aisle = forklift minimum turning radius + forklift front suspension (the front wheel center to the fork face distance) + cargo length + safe distance (about 20CM).

For storage shelves above factory enterprise warehouse storage shelves number analysis shows that, after all, the number of shelves, determines the warehousing goods how many, also determines the enterprise warehouse cost how many, so accurate calculation shelves number is we should focus on.


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