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The Format Of The Warehouse Racking Layout
Oct 10, 2018

The format of the warehouse racking layout

(1) Single storeroom shelves. Place a room on one or both sides of the walkway and set up service facilities along the perimeter of the room. These rooms are dominated by natural light, supplemented by artificial lighting. The advantage of this warehouse shelf is that the indoor environment is quiet and the interference is small, and the people in the same room are easy to establish close interpersonal relationships. 

(2) Group warehouse shelves. Suitable for medium warehouse shelves for staff of up to 20 people. In addition to the utility room for public use, the group warehouse shelves have a relatively independent storage function. Usually, the interior space of the warehouse shelves is divided into a reception room, a warehouse (including the storage of senior management personnel) and other spaces.

(3) Open layout. This is a method of arranging large depths of space, also known as large space warehouse shelves or open warehouse shelves. The open layout facilitates the connection between warehouse personnel and storage groups, improves the utilization of storage facilities and equipment, and reduces the public transportation area and structural area, thereby increasing the usage rate of storage buildings. However, the large space warehouse shelves need to handle the sound insulation and sound absorption of air conditioners, and optimize the design of storage furniture, partitions and other facilities to overcome the shortcomings of indoor noisy, chaotic, and mutual interference that are prone to open layout.

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