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The Importance Of Separator And Upright
Dec 28, 2017

Separator and Upright play the important role in the warehouse racking , use good fixed way can better play the role of shock, improve the overall shelf safety performance, and even increase the shelf load capacity, So it is very important to fix the way of the shelves.It is used the two kinds of connecting ways, such as the bolt or the inverted button rivets, in the shelf and the crossbeams, so that they can be combined into a single group of shelves and then connected to the shelves Become the main body of the row as a unit, through the connecting rod (also known as the separator: played the role of separating the two rows so that the two rows of goods will not be too close) to connect the two rows to make it as a whole, The overall safety performance has been greatly improved.Storage and wall connections, the shelf feet and the ground fixed, in the three-dimensional shelves, because the shelf height reached the height of the roof, so the shelf will be connected with the roof, so as a result, shelves and buildings become a big unit, and shelves are not exactly an individual at this moment, but an integral part of the warehouse. Also called shelf tie rod or shelf connecting rod, is one of the conventional standard accessories in the shelf, which is also an important consideration in the shelf design. For the shelf, the accessory is still more important. It has the characteristics of shelf strength and safety , The overall stability has a very good fortification.The shelf is composed of two basic elements of the upright, the beam, the basic shelf accessories is the separator and upright protector, there is the fastener.This is the standard general warehouse Shelf configuration, is that we must take into account the design of the shelf factor, and the application of the separator plate in the actual effect is very good, it played a fixed shelf role.There are two kinds of rod: one is between the shelves Connecting rod, there is a kind of connector between the shelf and the wall, the function is the same, but the use is not the same .Pillar upright shelf is used to stock, although the following medium-sized shelves are used for manual handling, but heavy shelves in general Are used to operate the forklift.And when we open the forklift in the shelves city shuttle, it will inevitably hit the shelves, upright protectors In order to mitigate the impact caused the truck to slice upright, so as not to be even greater impact shelf damaged.

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