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The Polarization Of Shelves
Jun 11, 2018

On the one hand, with the rise of large e-commerce platform companies throughout the country, the construction of its automated three-dimensional warehouse project is getting larger and larger, some of which can reach dozens of roadways; on the other hand, The emergence of intelligent logistics has also given birth to some new projects, which are usually characterized by smaller shelves, but more complete functional requirements, and a variety of application forms, such as shuttle vehicles, sub-mother cars, and so on, which take the car as the core. The complexity of project implementation is increasing. On the product side, the rapid increase of labor cost and the rapid development of industrial robot application, make the demand for machine replacement in all walks of life increase sharply in 2017. Logistics warehousing robot development momentum can not be underestimated, robot industry began to usher in the golden development period. It is understood that not only domestic and foreign robotics manufacturers, but also many logistics equipment enterprises have identified this trend, have launched their own AGV robot products and system solutions.

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