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Warehouse Storage Rack Technical Data
Nov 23, 2017

1. Racking classification :

1.1 Light duty racks , slotted angel rack

1.2 Medium duty racks .

1.3 Heavy duty pallet rack , Drive in rack , narrow aisle racking , cantilever racking , steel platform , mezzanine floor , carton flow rack, drawer racking , push back racking , gravity racking , mobile racking .

2. The composition of racking : Beam , upright

2.1 The main rack consists of two sets of upright and a number of beams ;

2.2 The Sub racks ( additional rack ) consist of a set of upright and a number of beams;

2.3 shelf bearing standards

2.3.1 Safety Factor (Margin)

The safety factor refers to the ratio of the yield point of a piece of material to its safe load and is generally used for column profiles. Simply put, the yield point refers to the maximum load of the material before it is destroyed. If this is 10 ton and the safety factor is 2.0, then the material has a safe load of 5 ton. The general industry safety factor standard is between 1.65 and 1.8. Boracs generally use 1.8 coefficients.

 2.3.2 Deflection Rate

Deflection Rate is an important parameter to calculate the load of the shelf beam. Deflection refers to the degree of bending deformation of the beam under the condition of UDL (Uniform Distributed Load).


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