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Warehouse Storage Racks Arrangement
Nov 27, 2017

Warehouse storage rack need to be arranged in use, looking for a good location allows the shelves placed more reasonable and orderly, starting from the storage system and management functions requirements, combined with the warehouse building structure layout provided documents, warehouse storage rack layout can be divided into The following forms:


(1) single-storey warehouse shelves: Arrange the room on one or both sides of the walkway and set up service facilities along the perimeter of the room. These rooms are dominated by natural light, supplemented by artificial lighting. The advantages of this warehouse storage racks are: indoor environment is quiet, interference is small, roommate is easy to establish a more close interpersonal relationships. The disadvantage is: the space is not open enough, storage staff and the link between the relevant work unit is not very direct. Single-storey warehouse shelves for the need to have a small storage function of the agency, or a small unit, or enterprise storage space. According to the needs of use, if the organization is larger, it is also possible to combine several small single-storey warehouse shelves to form a storage area.


(2) Group warehouse storage racks : Suitable for medium warehouse shelves for staffs under 20 persons. In addition to the service room for public use, the group of warehouse shelves with a relatively independent storage function. Usually the warehouse interior space is divided into reception reception room, storage (including storage of senior managers) and other space, according to the functional needs and the possibility of building facilities, conference rooms can also be set, AU chamber. As the group of warehouse shelves not only make full use of the building's public service facilities, but also has a relatively independent, separate storage capabilities, therefore, group warehouse shelves, enterprises and units rental warehouse a good choice, In recent years, the design and layout of the internal space for the construction of high-rise rental buildings have adopted a large proportion of warehouse-like warehouses.


(3) Open layout : This is a way of laying large deep spaces, also known as large space warehouse shelves or open warehouse shelves. Open layout is conducive to the warehousing personnel, the contact between the storage group, improve the utilization of storage facilities, equipment, reducing the area of public transport and the structure of the area, thereby increasing the use of warehousing building area rate. However, large space warehouse shelves need to deal with the sound insulation and sound absorption of air conditioners, sound absorption, and optimization design of facilities and equipment such as storage furniture and partition to overcome the shortcomings of noisy, confusing and mutual interference in the open layout.


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