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APEC And OTS Racking
Nov 13, 2017

Congratulations ! 25th APEC Informal Leadership Meeting finished successfully .

At the Meeting, the "APEC Cross-Border E-Commerce Facilitation Framework" (hereinafter referred to as the "Facilitation Framework") was adopted. Zhang Shaogang, director of the International Department of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced that this framework will focus on promoting the policy environment for cross-border e-commerce, enhancing the cross-border paperless trade facilitation and enhancing SME's ability to participate in e-commerce. In the opinion of the industry, the landing of APEC's new framework will effectively enhance the utilization of cross-border e-commerce in the Asia-Pacific countries. As a large country with cross-border e-commerce and good trade with many APEC members, it undoubtedly ushered in a new Industry development golden period.


It has been learned that since the establishment of APEC, APEC has been devoting itself to lowering trade tariffs among its member countries. In the past two decades, APEC member economies have reduced their tariffs by more than 50%. It is worth mentioning that the meeting also approved the "APEC Supply Chain Interoperability Action Plan Oversight Framework", members of the screening of the border management, infrastructure, logistics services, regulatory cooperation, e-commerce and other aspects of the weak five And put forward suggestions on improvement measures so as to promote the effective and smooth connection of the regional supply chain and better protect the smooth flow of regional trade.


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