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Care Detail During Use
Oct 17, 2017

What are the skills of the storage shelves in the application process? Shelf to use durable, then ordinary maintenance is unavoidable, it is understood that some businesses do not use common sense, resulting in the storage shelves unnecessary damage, for this, to the business of the following points to use knowledge, to maintain the long-term use of shelves.

1, prevent the use of non-standard floor Board (card board) on the shelves, the most suitable for the bottom of the Sichuan Word.

2, prevent Overload: the goods stored in the weight of each layer should not exceed the maximum shelf design load.

3, warehouse shelves above the display of goods, operators as far as possible not directly into the bottom of the shelf.

4, anti-super wide: shelf height, layer width has been limited, card board and cargo size should be slightly less than 100mm of net space.

5, to prevent top-heavy: should be to achieve high level of light goods, the bottom of the principle of weight goods.

6, Anti-collision: Forklift in the operation process, should be as light as possible.

Regardless of the type of warehouse shelves, it has its own life cycle, follow the use of the common sense of the shelves, the use of attention to maintenance details, you can maintain the long-term use of the shelf.

One of the most important factors in the use of warehouse shelves is security, and the factors involved in expiration and ease of use require a one by one look at design. In the warehouse shelf design, there are several points that need to be taken into account. The stress analysis of warehouse shelves is one of them. It includes the load of the warehouse shelf, the force of constant load, vertical impact analysis.

First, the load analysis of the shelf life. The so-called shelf live load is the weight of objects placed on the shelves of warehouses and pallets, which are movable with variability, taking into account their maximum weight.

Second, the shelf of the force of constant load analysis. The constant load of storage shelves refers to the weight of the structure of the storage shelves themselves, as well as all parts of the C-section connected to the shelves, as well as the Purlin, Fang, roofing panels and wall panels that are linked or contacted with the shelves. Its weight is determined by the material and so on, and the correctness of the static load analysis will result in the effect of overloading the goods.

Third, the vertical impact of the shelf load. This generally refers to the motor forklift, stacker, etc. in the storage of goods when the impact of the possible load. The ancillary mechanical equipment of these storage shelves may touch the surface or part of the shelf during the course of work, causing some cases to occur. Especially in the heavy-duty storage shelves, through the shelves, such as more likely to be vulnerable to impact touch. This analysis should be carried out in the light of this possible impact analysis.

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