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China Smart Logistics Development Prospect
May 08, 2018

And with the coming of the era of digital economy, the speeding up of globalization, traditional logistics model already can't keep up with the pace of The Times, intelligent logistics will play an increasingly important role, promote transformation and upgrading of China's small and medium-sized enterprise quickly.

China intelligent logistics technology in upheaval, the depth of the technology and the industry will greatly enhance intelligence logistics efficiency.Intelligent logistics have begun to enter the new era, China can realize the visual, epic, the available goods and services, make logistics simple and efficient.In simple terms, intelligent logistics means that the first digital and intelligent.The combination of technology and application scenario for each link is more and more convenient.

It is understood that in 2020, the domestic intelligent logistics system is the size of the market is expected to more than 120 billion yuan, in the next few years industry growth is expected to remain above 15%.

Magic of technology is to improve efficiency, save more time cost into the mainstream of things.Believe that as long as reasonable control cost, to the road of industrialization of popularization, the cost control to generally acceptable range, so the Chinese intelligent logistics development prospects will be immeasurably, in the future, intelligent logistics will become the standard of the vast number of enterprises.

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