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Chinese Enterprises Actively Promote The Transformation Of Logistics Intelligence
Jun 07, 2018

Distribution in the future more and more emphasis on the intelligent role of vehicles, more and more weakened the functions of people. " Luo Bin, assistant president of the rookie network CEO office, said that in the transportation and distribution link, the rookie has put forward new energy logistics vehicle management system, intelligent coordination and dispatch center system and other solutions through a series of big data technologies. Combine intelligence with green. With regard to the development trend of unmanned aerial vehicle distribution, Meng Lei Ping, general manager of the logistics management center of Su Ning Logistics Group Logistics Group, said that in order to improve logistics efficiency, especially in remote rural areas, Su Ning will create "two networks and one platform." That is to serve the low-altitude UAV transport "Skynet", ground service "ground network" and logistics-related "platform." At present, Su Ning has used Skynet system to track and locate UAVs in some cities of the country, and to promote the construction of general airports. The premise of intelligent logistics is the full sharing of information. Huang Bin, vice president of the board of directors of Eliu shares, said that reducing logistics processes to the maximum extent possible and improving logistics and supply efficiency depends on the use of the Internet and information technology to transparently connect logistics elements in the supply chain. Build a transparent integrated supply chain. At present, the easy-to-flow cloud platform has been able to connect the people, cars, goods and warehouses related to the transportation process to the Internet, and to collect, process and analyze the data generated therefrom, so as to realize the visual control of the safety, timeliness and cost of the transportation process. The owner can understand the logistics process in real time through the mobile phone.

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