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Do You Know What Is The AGV
Aug 09, 2018

The AGV, which is an automatic guided transport vehicle, belongs to the category of wheeled mobile robots (WMR). The system is mainly composed of unmanned automatic guided vehicles, AGV management, monitoring system and intelligent charging system.

The AGV trolley operation is under the management and monitoring of the AGV management and monitoring system. The vehicle selects the optimal route as planned according to the requirements of the operation task, and accurately walks and stops at the designated location to complete a series of operation instructions; such as picking up and unloading , charging, etc.

The AGV system has broad application prospects in the enterprise's automated production and computer integrated production systems, especially in the highly automated logistics and warehousing industry; it is the latest choice for many traditional manufacturing industries to improve production efficiency and reduce enterprise costs. The handling of traditional warehouse and factory goods is always labor-intensive, inefficient and error-prone; the use of AGV trolleys can easily solve this problem perfectly, not only reducing labor costs, but also making the working environment more secure.

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