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Durability, Non-fault And Good Economy
Oct 17, 2017

Because the warehousing logistics equipment is used in the general situation, the work is not very heavy, so should be easy to use, easily maintain, operate, with durability, fault-free and good economic, as well as high security, reliability and environmental protection. This kind of equipment is large in volume and widely used, considering the comprehensive benefit, it can reduce the external height, simplify the structure, reduce the cost and reduce the running cost of the equipment.

With the diversification of logistics, the variety of logistics equipment is more and more and constantly updated. Logistics activities of the system, consistency, economic, mobile, rapid, require some equipment to the direction of specialization, and some equipment to the general, standardization of the direction of development.

Logistics equipment Specialization is the basis of improving logistics efficiency, mainly embodied in two aspects, one is specialized in logistics equipment and the other is specialized in logistics mode. Logistics equipment specialization is based on logistics tools as the main body of logistics object specialization, such as from passenger and freight mixed loading to passenger and cargo distribution, there is a special transport passenger cargo aircraft, ships, automobiles and special vehicles and other equipment and facilities. Transport mode Specialization is more typical of shipping, almost in the world to give up the passenger transport, mainly engaged in freight, pipeline transportation is to transport special goods and developed a special mode of transport.

The generalization is mainly represented by the development of container transportation. Foreign developed roads, railway dual-use vehicles and locomotives, can directly realize the conversion of road and rail transport, road transport with large container trailers can carry sea, air, iron transport of all sizes of containers, as well as passenger and cargo aircraft, air and water dual-use aircraft and the passenger pipeline is being studied transportation. The General Transportation tool provides the basic guarantee for the logistics system supply chain to keep high efficiency. General-purpose equipment can also realize the rapid conversion of logistics operations, can greatly improve the efficiency of logistics operations.

The combination of mechanical technology and electronic technology, the advanced microelectronics technology, power electronics technology, optical cable technology, hydraulic technology, fuzzy control technology covert function to the mechanical drive and control system, realize the automation and intelligent logistics equipment will be the future development direction. For example, the new generation of large-scale high efficiency cranes will be developed into a fully automatic digital control system, can make cranes have a higher degree of flexibility, in order to improve the level of single machine integrated automation, automated warehouse delivery cart, intelligent van Ahv, road Transport Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) The development and application of the system have aroused extensive attention of all countries. In addition, the technology of satellite communication and computer, network and many other High-tech combined with the logistics vehicle management technology is gradually being applied.

The logistics system is the most effective and economical one when the equipment is composed and matched. On the basis of single machine automation of logistics equipment, the computer integrates all kinds of logistics equipment into an integrated system, through the control of central control room and coordination with the logistics system to form the best matching and combination of different machine species, which will exert the best effect. To this end, complete sets and systematization of logistics equipment has a broad development prospects, will focus on the development of factory production and handling automation system, cargo distribution system, container handling system, cargo automatic sorting and handling systems.

"Green" is to achieve environmental requirements, which involves two aspects: first, traction power and the development of manufacturing, ancillary materials, and other related to the use of. For the development of traction, one to improve traction power, the second to effectively use energy, reduce pollution emissions, the use of clean energy and new power. For the use of factors, including the maintenance of logistics, reasonable scheduling, appropriate use, etc.

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