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Ensure The Safety Of Buildings And Platforms
Oct 17, 2017

Steel platform is widely used in industrial and civil construction of a steel structure, large to plant equipment operating platform, Plaza Corridor, small to the laboratory operating platform, steel ladder platform, life everywhere visible.

In the design of steel platform, whether the layout of the structural scheme is reasonable or not directly influences the safety and economy of the structure. Then structural engineers should look for the most cost-effective arrangement in the design, and therefore the structural scheme is particularly important. In today's fast-growing computer age, the heavy task of structural computing is simplified, and the computer replaces the required section size manually, but cannot replace the human brain design, which is why computers are not the primary productive forces.

In the steel platform design, we often use the following options, under ideal conditions, we compare the structure of which is more reasonable.

1, the steel platform should be set to limit the licence, especially with the hydraulic lifting platform of the steel platform, more need to be in the prominent position of the limited load;

2, the use of the steel platform and the upper pull node must be located in the building, and not set in the scaffold and other construction facilities, support system shall not be connected with the scaffold.

3. The concrete beam slab used in the steel platform should be buried and connected with the bolts of the platform.

4. The horizontal angle between the wire rope and the platform should be 45 degrees to 60 degrees.

5. The beam-column of the upper tensile junction of the steel platform is fulfilled to calculate the tensile strength to ensure the safety of the building and platform.

6, steel platform should use clasp, should not make hook directly hook hanging platform rings.

7, steel platform installation, wire rope should be used for special hooks to hang, the other way when the card buckle should not be less than 3, the building sharp corners of the mouth around the wire rope should be padded, steel platform outside the mouth should be slightly above the inside.

8, the steel platform around the need to install a protective fence, and necessary time also need to install the fence, to prevent people or goods fall.

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