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Enterprise Logistics Can ' T Become A Logistics Enterprise
Jun 07, 2018

There is no doubt that companies crave profits. Usually, enterprises take the saving of material resources as the first source of profit, the second source of profit lies in the improvement of labor efficiency, and the reduction of logistics costs is the third source of profits.  The competition in the 21st century is not between enterprises and enterprises, but between supply chains and supply chains. After China's entry into WTO, foreign appliance enterprises rely on their supply chain to further demonstrate their competitiveness in manufacturing. DHL, for example, has taken on European home appliances logistics in Europe, allowing manufacturers to focus on the main business.  The cost of the product on sale is an important factor, and most companies think there is not much space in it. Is that true? Our businesses are often tied up in complex relationships. But it should be noted that the top 500 are integrating world resources for their development, and if we are still hesitating, we will definitely be eliminated.  The charm of modern logistics is gradually recognized, transportation companies, warehouses are renamed logistics companies. From the perspective of modernization, logistics should be handed over to a third party to carry out, and many of our enterprises simply think that logistics is transportation, so "enterprise logistics" becomes "logistics enterprise". I do not know that logistics is not the manufacturing industry, after all, enterprise logistics has an exclusive side, especially in order to transport the products of the same industry is even more difficult, and finally into repeated construction.

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